Awareness Stage Content: What Type of Content To Create 2020

What are the different types of content you can create in the awareness stage? Some will say a lot, but basically, there are only five content types that are game-changers and can help you set off the right foot in making what you are promoting known.

Before we proceed, we talked about the Awareness Stage in the sales funnel and how you can utilize it well to your advantage.
If you have not read it yet, you should before you proceed. You can read it by clicking on the title below:

What Is Sales Funnel 2020: Understanding Awareness Stage

Going back, creating quality content is essential in this stage, but what are the primary purpose of the materials we create in this stage? 

  • Provide Value – Provide answers to questions and solve problems that the audience has. 
  • Establish a good impression and relationship with the target market.

The audience or your target market at this stage needs information about the problems and challenges they are having. It is your job to tell them that you know what they need, you understand what they need, and you will provide it. 

What you are selling here is the problem, the value you can add to their lives, not the product or service details that you can offer. 

The contents you create and publish on this stage must develop trust and encourage the desire to have a relationship. I understand this may seem a lot, but let me remind you that this is just the beginning of your sales funnel. 

Awareness Stage Content: What Type of Content To Create 2020

What are the different content types for Awareness Stage? 

  • Blog Post/Article – this is the most common awareness content type. It gives a lot of information to the prospect and provides the opportunity to show your knowledge and expertise about the niche you are covering.

 Your blog posts must be searchable in google. Ideally, you want it to be one of the first five things you will see. This is where SEO will come in, but we will talk about SEO some other time. Let me know if you want to know more about SEO in the comment section below. 

What are the Common Challenges when Writing a Blog? 

    • Finding what to Write About – Yes, you want to talk about your product or service, but that is not the first thing you want to talk about. You will need to write about the challenges that your product or service can solve without giving the vibe that you are selling something.
    • Creating Quality Content Consistently – In content creation, always know that, Content is King, Consistency is Queen. If you want to have a regular flow of audience that leads to more opportunities, you need to publish quality content regularly. 
  • Videos – Videos allow you to provide helpful information while keeping the personality of your brand. It’s like a blog, only more human. You can use blogs in many ways. Here are different uses for videos.
    • How-to Videos – How-to videos are amazing because it helps you show people that you know what you are talking about and have the opportunity to help you do that while giving off a more personable vibe. You can also watch the video below on how to create a how-to video.  


Here is an example of an actual how-to video

    • Brand Films – Brand Film is a video that lets you share information about your company culture. It is a perfect way to tell connect to your target market by telling a story. Brand films help you draw viewers and create an emotional connection, which leaves your viewers wanting more. 

Here is one awesome example by Microsoft that you should watch. 

    • Documentaries – It helps you share how awesome your company can be while making the world a better place. Doing something great is something that makes the world better by using what you can offer and documenting it in film.
  • Lead Magnets – Lead magnets are the contents you give your audience in exchange for their email. The Budget Mom is a good example. She provides free templates to help people do basic things to improve their finances and offers more insight into how she can help improve the lives of her audience in exchange for their email. tbm
  • Infographics – Infographics are great for sharing in social media and Pinterest. This is great for the audience with a short attention span, and they also provide essential chunks of information presented beautifully.


Human Endocannabinoid System by SinapseUK
  • Social Media – the entire point of social media marketing is creating a community of your target market. Social Media is not a place to sell but to look for people who will benefit from your product. You can share information on social media, create a relationship with the public, and to establish an excellent reputation for your brand. 

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