How to Setup A ClickFunnels Evergreen Timer 2020

Countdown timers have been shown to significantly improve conversion rates, as they encourage anticipation and scarcity to the visitors.


So countdown timers are one of many components from within their graphic editor that you can easily add to your ClickFunnels pages and sales funnels.


There are several different options.

  • Date Countdown
  • Daily Countdown (Evergreen)
  • Minute Countdown


Each countdown timer has many different variables and can be personalized.


Some of these options include style, size, time limit, and actions you wish to happen once the timer has expired.


There’s not a lot of countdown timer documents in the Help Center, so if you have a specific question, I will open a support request.


The best way to test all the different features and ways to customize timers, though, is to create a 14-day free trial and just play around for you to be familiarized.


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