Funnelflix – What is it & 28 reasons why you should care?

Funnelflix is a surprisingly well-kept secret product put together by Russell Brunson & the ClickFunnels team.

It was announced late 2019 on a Facebook live (which I attended – I’ll explain why I was on that live session later in this article). But first…
Funnelflix is a powerhouse of a bundle of ClickFunnels training products, along with a host of training from a number of other coaches, marketers, personal development gurus & the like.

In essence, it looks like an SVOD (Subscription Video-on-Demand) service – kind of like Netflix but for entrepreneurship.

In this post, I’m going to give you my opinion of the Funnelflix offering, and I’m also posting a series of articles about each of the main training programs within it. All in, there are (currently) 28 in-depth “courses” listed on the Funnelflix dashboard & it just keeps growing.

You have PLENTY of content to keep you busy.


Funnelflix is one of the best and biggest business & personal development trainings on the planet.




How can I get Funnelflix?

Simple – just sign up for a 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels and navigate over to the menu on the right-hand side of your dashboard (see image below), and select any one of the courses.

You’ll be taken over to the main Funnelflix front-end.
It’s a bit of a funny UI (user interface), in that you can see most of the cards showing you the courses, but to actually watch any of them, sometimes you need to log back in.

But don’t quibble – building an SVOD on entrepreneurship is obviously NOT their main business. The money is in the MRR from selling ClickFunnels. The genius in having a training-based SVOD baked into the standard subscription is that the training (from people like Tony Robbins, Garret J. White, Jay Abraham [Yes, JAY ABRAHAM!], Steve Larsen) means that you are given all of the training you need to make a smashing success of whatever business you’re building.


Funnelflix Pricing

Err… yeah. Great question. I think we covered this already.
It’s like totally free with your ClickFunnels 14-day free trial.
Just click on this big juicy blue button right here:

sales funnel

And here’s the thing; get into it. Now!

Personally, I like to have my subscription always on (even though you can pause or obviously unsubscribe).
The reason being that the TRAINING that is included is so powerful.
Really, aside from having accountability in your life & the transformational awesomeness of attending live events, it is the only training resource that you should ever need.

In just ONE of the training (out of 28), in section ONE of that training, you get 4 hours of Tony Robbins exclusive at ClickFunnels’ annual event (FunnelHackingLive), laying out life-changing transformational training.
What’s not to love?


Can I use Funnelflix to train my team?

In fact, Russell Brunson & ClickFunnels actively promote the use of Funnelflix for training your team.
And absolutely why not!?!?

For you, it means that you have pre-created training for any new team member that you bring on, OR if you are doing everything by yourself, then you have all the detail right there to help you succeed with your specific situation.

It even has training on HOW to actually find, hire & onboard your new team members. In short, it has every bit of training that you need for you to succeed in (almost) any online business. If I did have to say if there is an area not covered, then I’d say that I haven’t seen:

a) training specific to building SaaS companies
b) high-level marketing strategy to understand things like the Tech Adoption LifeCycle (TALC) & more detailed Customer Development Overview or Business Model Canvas Overview design. (I’ll link to those so that you can access good introductions, should you need / wish).

What Funnelflix means for ClickFunnels is that because you are more likely to succeed WITH the training they provide, you are MORE likely to stay on the ClickFunnels platform.
Thereby, they continue to grow (and maintain) their really impressive MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue).

It is a win-win all around. And that’s why I say that the platform is a genius design.

I think that one thing that puts people off the platform can be the same-same template designs, as well as the shouty-crass primary-colors style, which I know leaves many design-oriented folks reeling in horror.
Luckily, as it so happens, there are really simple ways around that.
But a deeper dive about design & ClickFunnels is beyond the scope of this article. (Read this article for more on ClickFunnels design and design school).

I’ve already wandered off the initial Funnelflix road that we set out upon.

Now is your time. And it’s time to take action:


ClickFunnels 14 day free




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