WordPress vs Clickfunnels – 3 x Things to Consider

WordPress vs Clickfunnels – Deciding which one to use is a question that I used to wrestle with. Not any more…

THAT was before I knew what each one was really designed for, what my needs were, and figuring out who had already done what I was trying to accomplish – and then modelling their success.

Wordpress vs Clickfunnels


Clickfunnels is used for funnel-building: use it for building infrastructure for selling products & services. (Visit this link to see an example of a funnel – it is a funnel for selling a 14-Day free trial with Clickfunnels).
Wordpress is designed for website building: use it for building your home online. It is an asset that you own. This page you are reading is built in wordpress.

Clickfunnels – What is it used for?

Clickfunnels is (as it kind of sounds) is a funnel-building software. What tools you need will obviously depend on what business you are building and what you are trying to do. For coaches and consultants, there are a couple of basic funnels that are great to have in place once you have an income of $5,000 – $10,000 per month and are looking to scale up a little, and put in place some sort of automation.

If you are running a client business (either to get coaching clients or consulting clients) what you will want to build is a simple application funnel. There are loads of examples all over the interwebs. Just give it a quick google: https://lmgtfy.com/?q=application+funnel+examples
(I’ll get around to building an example myself, so I can share that with you directly).

When you are just starting out you don’t need either WordPress OR Clickfunnels!
Getting out of the proverbial gate, you really just need to connect with your direct network and tell them what you are doing.
Be clear about what types of businesses (or people) you work with, what results you deliver and how you help people to do that.
i.e. You don’t need a website (whether that’s wix.com, wordpress, or any other website builder).
You just need to communicate with your existing network.

Worry about your website, funnels, logos, branding (business cards?? Does anyone still really use them?)… LATER!
Focus on the fastest path to the cash. All else is noise.

BUT when you are ready for a funnel, clickfunnels is by far one of the most user-friendly options in the market.
And their training and support is unrivalled. In fact, when you sign up for a 14-Day free trial with clickfunnels here, you get access to Funnelflix – it’s kind of like Netflix for entrepreneurs & funnel building. Read a review of Funnelflix here.


Funnelflix is one of the best and biggest business & personal development trainings on the planet.


WordPress – What is it used for?

WordPress is a website builder (or Content Management System).
WordPress.com is the free version of wordpress. It is fine if you are just starting out and only really want to use a website as a repository for content. i.e. If you don’t care about building authority online, or getting traffic to your website, then this is fine. It is a simple blogging site.
However, just stump up the $5 (or whatever it costs now) for wordpress.org as it gives you a LOT of versatility for building your home online. AND you build “authority” in terms of SEO – which is really useful for bringing people to your home page using organic traffic (most of what is used on this site).

(Fun fact: The main infrastructure for WordPress was built by ONE guy (Matt Mullenweg) in ONE year.
He coded like a beast following a polyphasic sleep pattern. He only slept in short bursts, for an entire year so he could maximize his coding time.)


WordPress vs Clickfunnels

Comparing wordpress vs clickfunnels is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. They are NOT the same thing and are not used for the same reason.
When I was starting out, I was confused and thought that perhaps I should just use clickfunnels to build my website. This was because I was being lazy and thought that by doing EVERYTHING in clickfunnels, I wouldn’t have to learn how to build and use wordpress.
Don’t be lazy!

It’s not hard to learn both.

Invest the time and effort – having those skills will be an asset.
OR if you really don’t want to bother developing basic wordpress vs clickfunnels skills yourself, then find someone on a site such as fiverr.com or Upwork.com.
There are loads of programmes out there on how to find, recruit & manage staff (freelancers or FTEs) – there is even a progamme on the advanced version of Funnelflix, by Jon Reese – well worth checking out.


Using Clickfunnels in Combination with WordPress

You can easily use Clickfunnels in combination with WordPress.
That is exactly what I am doing right here.
It is what all of the big CF players do. If you are familiar with Steve (Pappa) Larsen, he does this.

Use Clickfunnels for what it is designed to do: build funnels.
Use WordPress for what that is designed for: build your website.
And as I’ve already discussed, YES! you are going to need both.

So it is not a “WordPress vs Clickfunnels” world.


Integrating WordPress with Clickfunnels? OR the other way round?

You CAN integrate both ways round. But don’t.

Clickfunnels WordPress plugin
Clickfunnels WordPress plugin for integrating the Funnel Builder into your website.

What you want to do is integrate clickfunnels into wordpress. That way, you can keep hosting of your domain OUTSIDE of the clickfunnels ecosystem. The reason you want to do this is simply from a control perspective. Yes, Clickfunnels is a solid company (valued > $1bn) but who knows what the future holds for it. Will they sell to Salesforce.com? Will they be bought by Facebook or Google? Who knows.

What we do know is that WordPress is going nowhere for the foreseeable next several generations. It is now a critical infrastructure layer of technology across the globe.

You can safely build your entire ecosystem on top of WordPress, and have Clickfunnels (& a host of other apps) plug into it.

What it means for you is this: get the clickfunnels wordpress plugin here:

Then you can show clickfunnels pages but with the url that you are using for your wordpress site.
You CAN also do this the other way round, and link your Clickfunnels account to a url but the limitation here is that you can only link ONE Clickfunnels account to ONE url.



Personally, I have multiple different sites with funnels all hosted in the same Clickfunnels account.
Even if you are not thinking of doing this, I’d recommend the set-up I have laid out – get the clickfunnels plugin for your WordPress site.

Happy days.
Keep building.

Rich B


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