ClickFunnels 2020: Awesome Support for Members

ClickFunnels has one of the best help docs and support in the industry, and that’s one more thing that makes them even more amazing. 

So if you are still having some trouble figuring out something or queries you find hard to have an answer, I would recommend this order or actions to take to address your concerns in the quickest way possible.



ClickFunnels, as I said, has some of the very best support documentation I’ve seen for every product or service, so I’d begin there.


They typically have really clear step-by-step directions along with a brief corresponding video for just about every question you may come up with.



ClickFunnels also has a really involved and dedicated Facebook group and network. But if you’re still trying to locate the answer in the help docs to your particular question, you could join the Facebook community and express your query there.


You’d usually get a response in just a few minutes.

facebook clickfunnel


Next, if you still don’t get a good response to your question, you could hit their chat support. You will locate their chat under the Help tab in your ClickFunnels back office or by clicking on the message icon at the right-hand side at the bottom of the page. 

help center


And lastly, if you have been through all these measures and you have not yet come up with an answer to your problem, it’s most likely that you have a very technical query, or you are attempting to work out something really specific or creative with ClickFunnels. 


In this scenario, the support would possibly lead you to their ClickFunnels Certified Partners marketplace. There, you can find people who have been through comprehensive preparation with the ClickFunnels software, who should be able to better assist you with unique and custom solutions that you are trying to build and accomplish with ClickFunnels. 


You can check out that marketplace here.


So hopefully, that helps give you a better guide to help you get your questions answered even more efficiently.


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