ClickFunnels 2020: Build Your First Funnel

Creating your first funnel in ClickFunnels is like cooking. You need to have your ingredients or tools and a series of reliable instructions which are both provided in this article.

  • ClickFunnels(Get it here for FREE!)
  • Settings and Integrations Completed.

Follow these steps to Build your Very First Funnel.

Choose between the Classic Funnel Builder or The Cookbook. 

  • Go to your Dashboard and click +New Funnel.

The Classic Funnel Builder 

  • Select a Goal(Sell Products, Collect email, and host webinar). 
  • Pick a type. 
  • Click Build Funnel. 

To understand this better, watch the video below. 

The Funnel Cookbook 

  • Access the Funnel Cookbook. 
  • Select Industry. 
  • Pick the Type of Funnel that you need. 
  • Choose your Goal. 
  • Choose the template suggestion. 
  • Select whether you want a free or a paid one. 
  • Download or Buy your template. 

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If you want to significantly increase your chances that your lead will invest in ClickFunnels, and remain as paying customers for good, you must consider including the bridge page before sending them to your ClickFunnels affiliate link.

Give them the chance to sell them through a video or a custom email campaign. 

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