ClickFunnels 2020: Create a Cool New Survey 

The ClickFunnels survey allows you to ask your prospect questions that will give you data that you can use to segment them and understand how you can serve them better. 

You can use a survey to get information that can eventually help you get a sale. 

To get started, you need a ClickFunnels account. If you do not have one yet, click HERE to get one for FREE.

You also need a ClickFunnels Page. If you haven’t built one yet, stop and read this short but beneficial article FIRST. 

ClickFunnels 2020: Build Your First Funnel

Now that you have read and created your very first funnel page watch this quick video to give you an in-depth understanding of how you can do a survey. 

How to Create your First Survey? 

Part1: Add Survey Builder Element To Your Page. 

  • Click on the Edit Page button. 
  • Choose Add Element from Element Menu, or click the + sign underneath another element on the page. 
  • Click to Add on the Survey Element. 

Part 2: Add Questions to your Survey

  • Click on the Survey element on your Funnel Page. 
  • Click on the Edit Survey Option. 
  • Click on the Existing Question 1. for succeeding questions, click on Add a New Question. 
  • Enter the Question. 
  • Choose Text Only or Show Images in the thumbnails dropdown. 
  • Choose the Layout for your answers from the dropdown.
  • Choose the radio icon to show the next answer from the dropdown list. 

Part 3: Add the Answer to your Survey Questions 

  • Edit the existing answer. 
  • Click Add Answer to include more options for the survey question. 
  • For every answer, select the Answer Redirect from the dropdown. 
  • The Next Question option will direct you to the following question in the survey when the answer is selected during the survey. 
  • The Skip To option will lead you to the question when the answer is selected. 
  • The end Survey option will end the survey. 
  • Repeat this process for each question added to the survey. 
  • Click on Add Question Group.
  • Add more questions and answers.
  • Go back to any previous question and set up an Answer Redirect to skip to the items in your question group as needed.
  • The conditional logic that leads to the question is shown above.

Having an online presence can genuinely help your business grow. Times are changing, and almost every transaction is done online. Many people want to do their business without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Having a reliable platform to build your online presence can be costly. It requires different people with different expertise that requires a fee.

You can skip all these by using ClickFunnels.

Take advantage of the free 14-day subscription to get access to different funnels and books to use to grow your business. Click on the photo below.

ClickFunnels 14 day free

Are you new to ClickFunnels? Do you want to learn more about how it works? My goal is to help entrepreneurs keep up and give free information on how to navigate ClickFunnels and make the most of it for your business. Now that you have already learned how to create a new funnel, and create a survey, you can read about

ClickFunnels 2020: Creating Cool Templates

This is a short but very informative article on how you can create templates for your funnel. This article gives you access to a video that will help you understand how to create cool templates. It also gives you simple instructions to follow in creating templates for your funnels.


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