ClickFunnels 2020: Is the 14-day trial worth it?

ClickFunnels, is it worth it? Times are changing. We now have a new standard, and going out, can be life-threatening to some, maybe, even to you. Still, the fact stands that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to put yourself out there to build relationships and let people see how amazing you are and your products to build trust.

That is where taking your business online comes in, and IT IS NEVER EASY.

It would be best if you had a team that will build things for you, and that team can be costly. It will cost you both money and time that you can spend on something else. That is the reason why I love ClickFunnels.

I am not writing this to sell ClickFunnels to you. I genuinely want to help you out because I know that this can help you. Now, I will give you the facts and let you decide.

How can ClickFunnels Help Me and my Business? 

There are many ways ClickFunnels can help you grow your business by addressing different challenges you may be having.

Challenge no. 1 – People are Not Paying Attention to me, I do now know how to get their attention. 

If you want your business to go big, these are the things that you need:

  1. Collect Leads
  2. Generate Sales

Collecting lead and generating sales is not an easy task; it requires a lot of work and skills. On top of it, it requires time and money to learn this or to hire the people needed to create a break for your business online.

The fantastic thing about ClickFunnels is that it eliminates the need to spend massive amounts of money and time creating funnels to help you collect leads and generate sales.

The drag and drop system of ClickFunnels makes it easy for you to create your funnels, and it also has tons of tutorials that are proven to help equip users to win.

Challenge no. 2 – I may end up wasting my money because I do not know how to use it. 

It is okay if you do not know how to use ClickFunnels in building your sales funnel. When you sign up, you can take advantage of the Funnelflix. It is like Netflix, but it’s not. It carries tons of videos that you can watch to equip yourself in using ClickFunnels, manage your business, and motivate you to keep going.

What are the courses in Funnelflix? 

  • Product Secrets – If you don’t know what to sell, who to sell to, or how to sell your desired product or service, this is the course for you.

Product Secret


  • Funnel Builder Secrets – If you are new to creating funnels or merely new to ClickFunnels and want to know how things work, this will significantly benefit you.

Funnel Builder

Watch the video below to see how this helped a struggling couple who are now rocking it with ClickFunnels


  • Ad Skills with Justin Brooke – Once you can build your funnel, you need to drive traffic for the funnel you have created so your target market can see and drive engagement through different methods.

  Justin will show you the traffic-driving strategies for: 

  1. Bulletproof YouTube Ads
  2. ​Bulletproof Facebook Ads
  3. ​Bulletproof Instagram Ads
  4. ​Bulletproof Adwords Ads
  5. ​Bulletproof GDN Ads
  6. Bulletproof LinkedIn Ads
  7. ​Bulletproof Twitter Ads
  8. ​Bulletproof Landing Pages
  9. Bulletproof Native Ads
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection – Many people don’t continue their walk towards greatness because they have so many things that are clouding up their judgment. It prevents them from committing to a goal.

Tony Robbins can help you rewire your thoughts to help you chase and stick to success.

So, what is this Private Collection all about?

Tony Robbins Private Collection

Training #1: Tony’s presentation from Funnel Hacking LIVE

Training #2: CAREER: Find Your True Grit


Training #3:Energy For Life

Training #4: Love And Passion


Bonus no. 1: 100+ Funnel Templates

On top of all of this, you will also have access to 100+ funnel Templates to help you with the following:

  • Generate Streams of Leads.
  • Turn Visitors Into Buyers
  • Sell Your Book
  • Run A Webinar
  • Launch A Product
  • Sell A High-Ticket Product Or Service and a whole lot more.

Bonus no. 2: Funnel Hacker Forum

You will have access to a forum exclusive to the Funnel Hacker Community. You will have an endless pool of people who can answer your questions and guide you, and walk with you towards success.

You can start conversation threads and ask about:

  • List-building
  • ​Lead generation
  • ​Funnel-building
  • ​Traffic generation
  • ​Copywriting
  • ​Design
  • Product creation
  • ​Offer creation
  • ​Ascending your customers
  • ​Follow-up funnels
  • ​Pretty much any topic around building your business online!

ClickFunnels 14 day free

I find it amazing how ClickFunnels designed this. They gave you the best tools to use; they also gave you Funnelflix to make sure you have everything you needed to use this powerful tool well. You can see that they want you to succeed because they know that if you fail, they fail too. If you win, they win also.

Take advantage of the free 14-day subscription to get access to different funnels and knowledge to grow your business. Click the button below.


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