Awesome ClickFunnels 2020 vs. “Good” Competitors

ClickFunnels is way ahead of its competitors. I still feel that no one comes close to ClickFunnels when it comes to ease of use, features, and tools and it is already playing on a higher level.

However, if you’re curious about how it matches up against its rivals, here are some of the few insights that I can show you.


LeadPages – This program was developed mainly to provide you many different ways to catch leads. If you’re only searching for a lead capture tool that will help you find leads in your pages or send traffic straight to the cloud-hosted pages, this will work out fine for you.

Clickfunnels is the better choice because it comes complete with all the resources you need to execute an effective marketing campaign.


WP Profit Builder – The most notable distinction is that WP Benefit Builder is a one-time price, which I rather like, and that it is also a WordPress application, which indicates you will need separate hosting.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels hosts all of the sites and sales funnels in the cloud for you, meaning that you do not have to be a technical expert to start and have it all set up.

profit builder

Instapage – The most considerable advantage ClickFunnels has over Instapage is the capacity to operate nearly all facets of the sales process, from creating landing pages to targeting customers to sending automated emails.

But with Instapage, however, it is only built to handle landing pages, and you would still need to use other tools for a total marketing strategy.


Infusionsoft – ClickFunnels is distinct from Infusionsoft by having your own domain name and plenty of sites. This ensures that even if you use it as a tool, anyone viewing your sales funnel website would not be able to see the direct link between your sales funnel and ClickFunnels easily.

One more piece of feedback I always hear was that Infusionsoft has a better affiliate management solution than ClickFunnels’ Backpack. But Infusionsoft is much more expensive. So, if you’re only looking for an excellent option for operating your affiliate program, I’d keep using ClickFunnels, and go instead with a third party affiliate management solution like iDevaffiliate.


SamCart– SamCart is mainly a checkout platform. It has no other cool features, as ClickFunnels has. It has far more features than SamCart, and you get a lot more at almost the same cost. 


Ontraport – With ClickFunnels, you eliminate all the guesswork and trial and error by starting with a template. Of course, you should still A/B test each element of your funnel and optimize it as you move forward, but you’re starting with a funnel that’s well-designed and less likely to crash. And Ontraport charges higher and may be a deterrent to certain small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Most of these tools have a trial period, so you can always run them on your own to have a better grasp on whichever is better for your business. 


Still not yet convinced if ClickFunnels is the better option? Check out their special offer called Funnel Hacks.


This will give you access to a number of very special bonuses that, if you make sure to apply them, it can certainly help you make more money, and by taking advantage of this special offer will also save you hundreds of dollars in membership. Just click here to access start your free 14 day trial. 

It will help you see and feel why it is better than LeadPages, WP Profit Builder, Instapage, Infusionsoft, SamCart, and Ontraport, without spending a dime. If you find it not useful (which I doubt), there is no contract, no obligations you can cancel anytime. 


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