Cool ClickFunnels Dashboard 2020

The Dashboard is the initial thing you will see when you log in to your ClickFunnels account, and that is what this article is all about. 

This article will help you have an in-depth working understanding of the buttons and features inside ClickFunnels and how to access it. 

First of all, you need to have an account. If you do not have one yet, that is okay. 

Click HERE to gain access to a free 14-day subscription to ClickFunnels. 

To know more about the Free Access, go to the bottom of the article to learn more. 

Going back to the Dashboard, watch the video I have posted below before reading the article.

Navigation Bar

  • Search (Funnels, Contacts, and more.)
  • ClickFunnels Menu Access
    • Funnels
    • Contacts
    • Sales Transactions
    • Funnel Marketplace
    • Build Funnel
  • Follow-Up Funnels Menu Access
    • Contacts
    • Email Lists
    • Broadcasts
    • Follow-Up Funnels
  • Backpack Menu Access
    • Backpack Dashboard
    • Affiliates
    • Commissions
    • Payments
    • Leaderboards
    • Commission Plans
    • Affiliate Types
    • Settings
  • Help Menu Access
    • Docs (help desk tutorials)
    • Get Help (talk to support)
    • My Support Requests (check on your requests)
    • What’s New? (see new feature release updates)
  • Notifications Access
    • If something needs your attention, the notification bell will alert you with more information that you need.
  • Main Menu Access
    • Account Settings (Manage Account Details, Account Billing, Notifications, Account History, View Page Templates, Digital Assets, Integrations, Payment Gateways, Email Integration SMTP, Domains, Global Unsubscribe)
    • Affiliates (Access Your ClickFunnels Affiliate Dashboard)
    • My Profile Settings (Account details, profile photo, name. address, t-shirt size, password, download your data)
    • Log Out.

Having an online presence can genuinely help your business grow. Times are changing, and almost every transaction is done online. Many people want to do their business without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Having a reliable platform to build your online presence can be costly. It requires different people with different expertise that requires a fee.

You can skip all these by using ClickFunnels.

Take advantage of the free 14-day subscription to get access to different funnels and books to use to grow your business. Click on the photo below.

ClickFunnels 14 day freeAre you new to ClickFunnels? You can consider reading this article to help you have a headstart with it.

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