ClickFunnels for MLM 2020

ClickFunnels lets you create a sales funnel and landing pages for any product or business category, this is what makes it so special.


And one of the most common businesses involving many members is network marketing opportunities and MLM (Multi-level Marketing).


There are plenty of ways to integrate business opportunities.


  1. Creating a custom sales funnel for your company would label you as a leader and specialist on your business opportunity. It will also provide an incentive for people looking to join the team or downline.
  2. You can incorporate an extra passive income stream into your month by integrating it with your opportunity and encouraging others to build their own account.
  3. And while you’re not affiliated with any MLM, you can still build as many custom selling funnels as you like. You can either individually market those to others, or post them in the Marketplace.


If you merge it with your MLM opportunity, these are just a few of the many advantages.


If you have any specific questions, I would highly recommend you visit all the tutorials and guides in the Help Center.


Check the link below for additional resources.


  1. How to Create Network Marketing Funnels
  2. How to Launch a High Achieving MLM Sales Funnel


If you haven’t signed up already, I’d like to let you know about a special offer that isn’t known to many.


It is called Funnel Hacks.


By using Funnel Hacks, you will not only save hundreds of dollars on your membership, but you will also have access to incredibly valuable bonuses that will help you make more money with ClickFunnels. It is the only discount and deal that exists for ClickFunnels.


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