ClickFunnels Free Ebook Offer

ClickFunnels also has several other offers aside from its flagship marketing suite.


Some of those include it’s FREE+shipping book offers and is highly recommended reading material for all serious ClickFunnels members.


They are always releasing new products and book offers, but here is the current list of the ones that exist.


DotCom Secret Labs’ 108 Proven Split Test Winners – “Simple Tweaks You Can Make To Your Website, So You Can Make More Money NOW!”


Dotcom Secrets – “The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online”


Expert Says – “The Underground Playbook For Creating A MassMovement Of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice”


I would highly recommend the Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secret, although they are all great books and must be added to your marketing library.


These books will provide you with a solid foundation and clear direction to take the information in your mind or whatever you’re most excited about, and create a successful brand around it.


All of the books are FREE+shipping, which means you only have to cover for the shipping cost. So there should be no reason for you not to get them immediately.


If you haven’t signed up already, I’d like to let you know about a special offer that isn’t known to many.


It is called Funnel Hacks.


By using Funnel Hacks, you will not only save hundreds of dollars on your membership, but you will also have access to incredibly valuable bonuses that will help you make more money. It is the only discount and deal that exists.



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