ClickFunnels 2020: Getting Started Guide

ClickFunnels is a fantastic suite of marketing tools that gives you everything you need to create professional sales funnels in just a matter of clicking a few buttons.
If you have a business and you need to take it online, CLICKFUNNELS IS A MUST HAVE.

Though the back office may look very intuitive, there are some series of tutorials that can help you get started by checking out the links below.

Getting Started #1: ClickFunnels Dashboard Overview

This short video gives you the latest overview of the dashboard. It updates from time to time, but it is straightforward to navigate through.

This video will help you have a better understanding of the platform.

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Getting Started #2: How to Add a New Funnels to Your ClickFunnels Account

To find out how you can add a new funnel to your new account, click here.

You can also watch the video below.

Getting Started #3: Creating a Template 

Getting Started #4: Using the Page Editor

Getting Started #5: Navigating the Funnel Dashboard

Getting Started #6: How Can I Add the Six Core Funnels to my Account?


And if you still have some specific questions about how to do something, you can visit the Help Center.


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