ClickFunnels 101: HTML Email Form Integration

Can you connect autoresponder service to ClickFunnels? 

The answer is yes, you can! You can connect any autoresponder service using HTML form. 

The instructions below will help you integrate your 3rd party autoresponder. This setup will help you embed an HTML form to send to contacts from your funnels to your autoresponder. 

Make sure you have these before you proceed: 

Before we proceed with the steps, watch the video below. 

Step 1 Acquire Your HTML Form 

  • This will be different depending on your provider. 
  • Log in to your chosen autoresponder and navigate to your opt-in form. 
  • Replicate the HTML form from your autoresponder system.

Step 2 Add the Form to your Funnel

  • From your page editor, go to “settings”
  • Click “Integrations”
  • For Action, select “Integrate Existing Form.”
  • Paste the HTML form you got from your autoresponder.
  • Click the “Parse & Save Web Form.” 
  • Match your ClickFunnels form fields with your autoresponder fields.
  • Scroll down and manually set your Redirect URL (optional; by default, this will be set to the next page in your funnel).

I find it amazing how ClickFunnels designed this. They gave you the best tools to use; they also gave you Funnelflix and Expert SEcrets book to make sure you have everything you needed to use this powerful tool well. You can see that they want you to succeed because they know that if you fail, they fail too. If you win, they win also.

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Are you new to ClickFunnels? That is okay. We all start somewhere and the great thing is that you have the power to start strong. You may have the best tool but, unless you know how to use those tools well, you will not be able to maximize what you can do with them. That is why knowledge is the very first thing you need to focus on first before doing anything for your business. This is what I think is amazing about it because their program is designed to help you win. 

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