ClickFunnels Certified Partners Program 2020: Awesome Benefits for Members

The ClickFunnels Certified Partner Program is a step-by-step 12-week course that aims to transform funnel hackers into highly skilled funnel consultants. It is a comprehensive training program that would teach you everything you need to learn, from creating funnels to optimizing it to achieve excellent results.


But that’s not all that you’re getting.


Here’s some of the most valuable incentives you’ll get if you sign up for this program.


The 14-day FREE program

ClickFunnels 14 day free

Here are some courses available when you get the 14-day free ClickFunnels program.

Product Secrets – Privileged Access

 Inside Product Secrets, you can master 27 different ways you can quickly put together a product to sell online.

If you have no idea what to sell just yet, or you know what to sell, but you’re having trouble figuring out a cool or sexy way to package your product together, then THIS is the perfect place to start!

The best part? You won’t have to wait around months or years to complete your product.

You can use these product-creation ideas that I share to help you create your product in just ONE WEEKEND!

By the end of this training, you should have PAGES of notes, and at least 27 ways to make your product! All YOU need to do is pick one that resonates with you and start creating!  

Funnel Builder

Funnel Builder Secrets – Privileged Access

This is the EXACT training course that Brandon and Kaelin Poulin used when they started their journey from “dead broke” and grew their LadyBoss company to well over $10MM in just three years!

As soon as they got this $1,997 course, they started consuming it step-by-step, start to finish.

They followed this training to a T!

The way they explain HOW they used this training is exciting (and I firmly believe it is the key to their massive success with this course.)

Ad Skills with Justin Brooke – Privileged Access

Justin will teach you the traffic-driving strategies for: 

  • Bulletproof YouTube Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Facebook Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Instagram Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Adwords Ads
  • ​Bulletproof GDN Ads
  • Bulletproof LinkedIn Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Twitter Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Landing Pages
  • Bulletproof Native Ads

And, he’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the foundations that lay the groundwork for successful paid ads, regardless of what platform you choose, like:

  • Ad Tracking 101
  • ​Traffic Maps
  • ​Market Research Blueprint


Tony Robbins Private Collection

Tony Robbins Private Collection

Training #1: Tony’s presentation from Funnel Hacking LIVE
Training #2: CAREER: Find Your True Grit
Training #3: Energy For Life
Training #4: Love And Passion
Training #5: The Edge
Training #6: Time Of Your Life
Training #7: True Wealth

100+ free

 102+ insane done-for-you, ready-to-go funnels, so you can hit the ground running TODAY!


ClickFunnels Etison Suite

etison suite

Signing up for this program would also allow you to have access to the ClickFunnels Etison Suite. This means that you will have a full year of access to ClickFunnels, Actionetics, Backpack, and the luxury of being one of the first to know whenever there are new features to come out.


Some would have to spend $297/month just to get into the entire package!


Lead Generation Opportunities

Another great benefit of signing up for the plan is that your identity as a Certified Partner alone is a lead magnet after you complete this. Imagine not needing to search for clients, since they are going to be the ones that will look for you before you even begin searching. This is because you are going to be listed on the Certified Partners Page.


Continuing Education

Now, just because you’ve finished the 12-week course and you’ve got the credential doesn’t mean it all ends! Marketing is, as you understand, always changing with fresh concepts and values. That said, becoming a certified partner entitles you to a training session monthly.


We all agree that ClickFunnels has always been innovating and continually been upgrading new features we will surely enjoy. This plan will make it simple for consultants to understand what they need to learn about the latest apps and how to upgrade their funnels to the fullest with these updates. 



ClickFunnels Helpdesk

Another feature that adds benefit to the program is that you get priority assistance for your very own Consultant Dashboard so you can view all of your clients and have access to their funnels without trying to sign in and out of different accounts. This provides a convenient platform for handling the clients without any difficulty.


ClickFunnels has also expanded its assistance for using Skype on your end as a consultant. For questions, updates, tips, and a ton more, you can now contact the ClickFunnels team. 



To get started, the ClickFunnels ® Certification Partner Program may be pricey. Yet if you think about it, a 12-week learning plan worth $10000 is worth it. This would show you how to become a sought-after funnel specialist, so it’s not even that much for all the perks and advantages that you can get in exchange.


You will be given one year of access to the ClickFunnels Etison Suite within the training. You will have complete access to ClickFunnels, Actionetics, and Backpack–all for FREE! Consider charging the entire year. You get to save a total of $5964!


Not just that, you’ll even be listed on the ClickFunnels Certified Partners Page as a certified consultant that would earn you recognition. And broaden your connections and access to the Clickfunnels marketplace! You get that exposure at no additional cost. 


But that’s not all!


You will still have continuous training and constant assistance from the Clickfunnels team to ensure sure you’re on top of your game. You’ll get a massive discount if you decide to re-certify as well! 



It’s a perfect investment if you really want to achieve more as a certified funnel consultant and be known as a funnel hacking expert.


It is a great offer that provides you the chance to become a highly paid funnel consultant, and you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside other funnel experts. You will be learning as you earn! 


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