Is ClickFunnels a Fraud?

Since the launch of Clickfunnels, I have never heard of any allegations of fraud, or of them doing something illegal or immoral.

They’re a legitimate business, as far as I can tell, selling legit products and services.

In fact, it has been in operation for several years now, and Russel Brunson, the man behind the venture, is a hugely successful online marketer who has made millions over the years.


Many scams are being related to MLM and some other business opportunities.


Such opportunities are often short-lived because most recruiters from these industries are not professional salespeople or marketers.


They get sold on these incentive plans and forget that they really have to make an effort before they get paid.


But it is different.


It is not an MLM company or network marketing.


It is a Saas company that sells products and services that need and should be used by all serious online marketers.


They have a very lucrative affiliate program, which is very distinct from any multi-level marketing matrix. It is just a simple two-tier affiliate program, meaning you will be compensated on two levels.


And there are many products and services that you can advertise as an associate, so you have a lot of potentials to receive big commissions.


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