Understanding Sales Funnel 2020

How can Sales Funnel help you and your business?

Many people start a business they are personally excited about. Many of us jump into promoting ourselves and our business online only to be met with disappointments, disappointments in the form of lack of engagement from our prospective clients and criticism by other people who are trying to start a business too.

You know your product or service; you know that it is a game-changer and can add value to the life of whoever is going to purchase it, but somehow, people cannot seem to connect and see the worth of it.

Lack of traction or engagement is a common scenario across online businesses, but who is the problem? Is it the product or service? Or is the platform you are using, or is it you?

The reason why your online presence is not converting into sales can be many things. Still, overall, being online is a form of art, and to understand it well and use the internet to your advantage, you need to have an excellent working understanding of digital marketing. 

One of the Core Concept of digital marketing is the sales funnel. Sales funnel is a multi-step, multi-modality process that moves prospective browsers into buyers. You cannot expect people to buy your product when they see it online. It would be best if you sell the value of your business slowly, consistently, and above all, with value. 

To give you a simple overview, watch this video from Russel Brunson


Here are the stages of the Sales Funnel. 


Awareness is the part where you are allowing people to know that you exist; that is why it is the Top of the Funnel or TOFU

The goal of this stage is to make people aware that you exist by using content creation via social media posts, blogs, or videos (or all of the above). 

Different Content Examples for Awareness Stage 

  • Blog post 
  • Social media content 
  • Videos 
  • Lead magnet 
  • Engaging with other people online by answering their questions or providing help

Interest and Evaluation Stage 

After making your prospect aware that you exist, they will be interested in different things about your product or service or maybe they are simply interested in you. 

Your goal in this stage is to create a strong relationship with your prospect, and you can do that by having a consistent voice in the content you are creating and by being consistent about by making sure you publish your valuable content on a predictable schedule. 

Think of it this way. These people have listened to you, and they appreciate your voice. Pay them back by making sure that if they spend time on your content, make sure that they will become a better person because of it. 

You need to decide what story or lesson you are going to share with them, and you need to know at what drip-rate, by what platform, and you need to train your prospects to follow where you want to lead them. 

Do you want them to click the links you include in your email campaigns and newsletter? Train them. Lead them to your story, tell it compellingly, and make sure it adds value to their lives. I cannot stress that enough. 



Once they have expressed interest in your product, you can now provide content that will transition them to deciding to purchase your product. 


One trick I know that will work is that if you continue to be useful to them, they will see that you are trustworthy. You need to know that people don’t want to be sold to, but if you make a compelling, clear case that what you have brings value to their life, helping them decide to buy your product will not be too hard. 


Action Stage 

This is the part where your time and money spent on sales funnel software is converted to cash. 

It depends on how well you set your journey during all the stages mentioned earlier. You can spend a lot of time and money working on those, but if it lacks value and quality, there is a big chance that that will not work. 

sales funnel

Creating a sales funnel is never easy. You need to create the copy, the graphics that comes along with it, the video, you need to promote it, etc., and you still need to manage your business too. This requires both time and money because you need to hire people who will build the sales funnel for you.

This is the reason why I love ClickFunnels. It is basically a software that helps you make better sales funnel easily in few minutes. You can even do this on your own.

sales funnel

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