Expert Secrets 2020: What is Expert Secrets Book?

I dedicate this site to helping people grow their online business. That includes forwarding you to the right tools that will help you win in the game. 

One book that truly helped a lot of people, including myself, is the book by Russel Brunson, and that is “Expert Secrets.” 

Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets is about creating your following by being an expert at things that give value to others’ lives. 

The “Expert Secret” book is for you if 

  • You want to make “information giving” your business business. 
  • If you are using the software in creating sales funnel (ClickFunnels
  • If you’re going to build a colossal number of loyal followers. 

Expert Secrets is divided into five sections, and they mainly talk about the following: 

  • Creating Your Mass Movement, Mass Movement means your followers. 
  • We mentioned that this is for people who want to make information about their business, right? That information must give value to the audience to help them grow through products and services. 
  • How to deliver value that gives them new opportunities that help them grow and achieve their goals. 
  • How to help these followers become an expert. 

Here is an overview of each section.

Section 1: The Charismatic Leader

  • This section will help create the leader in you by following these three simple steps.
    • Find your market
    • Understand how to reason with them using your product
    • create targeted messages
  • The Cause
    • This part talks about how you can make people to believe and to be passionate about your cause; this is half of the battle. This section in the book will tell you how you can show people the opportunity you offer and how you can get them involved.
  • The New Opportunity
    • Understanding the cause only works if you have the chance to use it; this part in section one tells you the steps needed to get your target market interested in your opportunity.

Section 2: Creating a Belief 

This section shows you how you can excite your audience using common beliefs because everything boils down to expectations. 

This section has six chapters: 

  • The Big Domino – this helps you understand how you can convince your target market to purchase your product or service. 
  • The Epiphany Bridge – This discusses how to use emotions and storytelling to get your audience to buy-in. 
  • The Hero’s Two Journey – Explore how to relate the brand and the story to something people can relate to. 
  • The Epiphany Bridge Script – this chapter helps you build a script that you can use for almost anything in your business. 
  • False Belief Patterns – Helping the audience break their false belief and replace with new ones. 
  • The Three Secrets – This chapter talks about the three secrets that you need to know to be successful in sales. 

Section 3: Your Moral Obligation 

The chapter details the breakdown of the process you follow when offering the new opportunity; this Includes how you communicate with readers, the process of bridging the gap and how you welcome a new reader. 

This section has six chapters; The first two chapters are the following: 

  • The Stack Slide – this chapter discusses how you can show your audience the value that you and your product can bring. 
  • The Perfect Webinar – Learn how to use the webinar as a selling tool by using all that you learned in the previous chapters. 

The remaining four chapters provide more in-depth insight to help make the best webinar. 

Section 4: The Funnels 

This section helps you by teaching you how to convert your audience into followers to customers. 

Section 5: What’s Next? 

This is the final secret. This section will show you how to send traffic to your sales funnel. Russel also added in the Expert Secrets book tried and tested secrets that you can use to jump-start your business success. 


The Expert Secrets book is designed to help you win. Time is changing, and almost everyone is online. There is a lot of noise you have to go through; to cut through all of it, you need to have a loud, authentic voice that gives value to others’ lives, this is where the Expert Secrets comes in.

To know more about the Expert Secrets book, click on the photo below.

Expert Secrets




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