Success Stories

Here is a selection of entrepreneurs, coaches & consultants who I’ve worked with to help them launch and grow their companies. 

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Rory – Invitation of Love, Relationship Coach

Coach  |  Business Owner

“Now where I find myself is tremendously organized with an ever-growing list of clients, new business coming in, an online funnel, video footage, digital real estate and a number of other critical pieces that are now in place.

So I am going from strength to strength in my business and with my brand and with my work and I couldn’t be more delighted with the work that I’ve done with Richard and his team.”

Marek – Quantemplate, SaaS

Founder, CIO  |  Entrepreneur

“What you really helped with was was was getting some clarity around our ideas. You’ve given us a lot of the theory and background as to how how these these businesses work which is very helpful obviously for making the business work but it’s also helpful for telling a story to people like investors, who need to understand our trajectory, and also to clients who need to understand ‘here is a company that’s serious who’ve got a long-term direction that we can buy into.

You helped to bring all those elements together both by an analytical understanding of what was going on and pull all the information together but then also to synthesize the story and structure to that; both where we’ve come from & where we are now and also where we’re going the future which is the most important thing when you’re setting up a new business.

We’ve gone from being a seed stage company to now going through it’s Series B which is raising more money & it’s got a lot of investor confidence behind it and it most importantly it’s got substantial sales that are growing and the story for how that can grow to scale, and scale all the way to cover the whole InsurTech data segment.

He’s a great guy to work with so there’s there’s no downside. He’s just an amazing teacher so again you’re gonna pick up a lot of stuff. For us you’ve done did an amazing job of both  improving the product & the marketing, and the business itself. So, thoroughly yeah, thumbs up. I’d go for it. You’ll definitely benefit from finding out what he’s got to add.

For us it’s been amazing I think it’s pretty generally applicable to all sorts of startup and growth businesses.”

Dan – NextUp Comedy, Video Subscription Business

Founder, CEO  |  Entrepreneur

“Having rich on board helped massively. The first project we gave him a slightly smaller one which ran for about 30 days and it was to upsell our most loyal users to a more premium package to see if we could just generate some quick and easy revenue within that time he did that pretty successfully he brought in 10,000 pounds but pretty much no additional expenditure from our side and created a new product for our business which is now the highest tier people can and subscribe to.”

Brian – Broadwing Accountancy

Founder, CEO  |  Business Owner

“I’ve always had a vision to help clients and businesses out from an accounts perspective and with all the technology and software everything coming out I wanted to help business effectively and efficiently outsource their accounting function.

Working with Storythis, it’s been absolutely brilliant…